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June 20, 2008


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Barbara French

Thanks for sharing this. It's an interesting model. I think the timeframes reflect what works best in the real world. Many companies stage too much influencer engagement too late in the cycle.

I do have one question. What about Phase I? Tech companies seem to be most resistant to opening that stage to external influencers. Have you been able to bring external influencers into Phase I in new ways or in new context?

Don Bulmer

Hi Barbara:

Thank you for the comment. We have had great success working with influencer's in Phase I engagements - as early as 12 months prior to go-to-market. The key is to have a strong foundation of trust and integrity in the relationship with the influencer.

This works for SAP as we have a mature program built on solid relationships with the industry's brightest analysts. We have also established great credibility with our executives.

Once you execute 1-2 successful engagements with this (or any model) you can start to claim a 'best practice' - that can be used to extend to other initiatives.



Great Graph, who created that?

Don Bulmer

If this is the Great Andrew Kisslo - i think that you had a hand in creating this1 :)

I hope that all is well at Microsoft!


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