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November 17, 2009


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Albin Paul

Hi Don

Excellent Work, but why the study poll was not distributed among any Linkedin groups, it would have covered more people. I have been using social media and linkedin for several years. And have faced strong criticism in early stages of my career. Especially in lifesciences industry. It is also worth to note how FDA is now looking at the use of social media in drug marketing. LinkedIn and social media is powerful tools, but just like any other if not handled well, the information revealed can come back to bite. It would be interesting to see How companies are going to include a clause on their information protection and compliance rules to define what information an employee can add to his linkedin profile during or after his tenure with the organization, especially information related to projects.

For example When an IA rep uses Twitter to send a link to an article from an online magazine, newspaper, or other site to clients and prospects "following" him, that communication is subject to SEC advertising rules. However, Bernstein says that merely sending a link is not advertising—as long as you don’t give your opinion.

A "recommendation" on your Linkedin profile by a client does indeed constitute a testimonial and, thus, violates SEC rules prohibiting RIAs from using client testimonials in advertising.

The SEC will be busy in coming months addressing the many issues posed by advisor use of social media. FDA has already release its framework on use of social media in Drug Marketing.

I have posted the study and links to your blog to my site as well.

Great work look forward to see more.

Albin Paul

Professor Leong Yap

Excellent work Don!!!
Thank you for sharing.

social bookmarking

thanks for access

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Social Media is really starting to create a big impact on businesses. And i think that they should really start to consider paying more attention to it.


Very good post.Very interesting.

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