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April 20, 2010


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Peter Auditore


Again great big picture perspective and the challenge facing most companies is the silo effect which is reflected in the ownership behavior. IBM gets it because they have created culture of excellence by hiring the best of the best and as a result they are always sitting in the CEO office not as a vendor but as a trusted advisor and vendor of products and services. Social media challenges the very DNA of companies and those who have not built cultures of excellence will stick out like a sore thumb in todays marketplaces. As I have said many times before the power of the pen has never been mightier and now there will be VLOGs. Who will put forth the best actors on this new stage?

SAP work

"Everyone does." - I dont think is totally a corect answer. I see social media able to sway much more into the consumers control with organisations needing very severe damage limitation when they make a mistake. I do think it opens things up a bit more on our constant "globalisation quest" though.
Your summary is so spot on, companies need to work as a team, this flatening of organisational structure and giving lower end employees more responsibilites has been something talked about for so long and yet many still struggle to see how its done. with everybody being connected on social media it certainly makes it a lot more visibal the impact each individual can have on thier organisation.

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