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October 28, 2010


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Peter J. Auditore

Nice big picture thinking Don and all relevant, but most companies and organizations today are just grappling with policies and procedures around social media. Not everyone is P&G with 700K mommy network members and are driving innovation from outside in. Most companies and organizations don't yet understand that social media is a great way to get closer to the customer or citizen, they are afraid of what they might find out. And they simply don't know how to engage, but you are right influence is flowing like water and the social media tsunami will continue its not over yet, we are just at the start of a major revolution in communications and brand management. Everyone is now an influencer and you can't hide from the customer or citizen any longer. Communications is a major weapon in any business war and business now is a global war. Those companies and organizations the use the new social media model of communications will be the winners in their industries, regions and countries. Experience is king how will I feel when I see your brand?

Barbara French


This is a brilliant discussion on social media and market influence. One of the many points that deserves expanded discussion in the marketing community at large is the role of customer experience in influencer strategies.

Experience is one of the most effective and efficient levers in an influencer strategy. And as you say, one of the deepest experiences is co-creation -- enabling customers and other influencers to have a direct, tangible, visible impact on future products and services. There are serious challenges in breaking down the barriers separating upstream product decisions and direct customer input.

That said, not all influencers can (or should) be given this opportunity. We also need to think about creating other types of deep experiences for the other types of influencers. As Peter has added, a one size fits all mentality doesn't work.

Hessu Lahtinen

Experience mean for me of being professionalism,in Finland country the more the long is the experience the more its awesome,most of the market research in part of Helsinki know about that having a good experience for any business might be an advantage.

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