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February 07, 2011


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Great insights again Don in the ever changing sea of influence and communications. What this means is that on the communications front every company has the opportunity to be a media company and set new rules for the communications battleground.

Michael Kelly

Don - Your analysis is much better than the report. Measuring sentiment or opinion is not new and it certainly is important as a measure of experience as you point out. What is unique and possibly wrong in this new report is 1. that they automate the sentiment detection process which has been notoriously difficult and inaccurate, and 2. apply it only to online comments (best estimates that online is only 15% of brand discussion)and 3. determine it's value in terms of the equivalent advertising cost, a concept used for years in valuation of PR and was just last summer 'killed off' as a meaningful measure of PR effectiveness (Google Barcelona PR Principles).
As you say, it took some work to put all this together, but it's still just measuring whatever is available instead of business outcomes. The last thing missing, as with most other measurement systems is a holistic overview (your context) that shows how to link it to effectively improve influence in the market over the long term.
I always wonder why the discussions on measurement talk only about value to the company instead of value to the customer. Wouldn't an outcome be to look at social media in terms of what it does for your Customer's ROI when they use your product or service?

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For sure, creating a buzz is one of the oldest "tricks" in the book of marketing. Every simple research will see how it increases exposer and website traffic. but the question should be how much influence a buzz have in the long term, and how long can you keep it as a main marketing tool for the same "product". anyway, very interesting and informative post - thanks.


Such a great point of view on social media and all other stuff! Well, I can see that social media have become one of the most talked about topics on the internet marketing industry these days. And like what we always know about internet marketing, it definitely helps them get in touch with their clients more, and increase profit and traffic.

Tammy Edwards

Social media sharing or networking has a big impact in influencing consumers' trust on our products that are usually being posted to a website declaring top products in entire world.

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